About Us

Our pharmacy is small but we have almost everything to satisfy your healthcare needs. We can get any medication for you within 6-24 hours provided it is available in the market place. We make sure you do not leave our pharmacy without required counselling on your medication and disease management. We never discount on our service but we offer discount on your price if you do not have insurance or if you are a senior citizen. We uphold our standards in all aspects of pharmacy services.

You can book an appointment with one of our pharmacists for your medication reviews or discuss issues about your compliance needs. You can always ask questions about vitamins, minerals and natural products. Our pharmacists speak English, Bengali, Hindi and Urdu.

Meet Our Pharmacists

Taposh Kayal

RPh, MBA, M Pharm, BASc (Occupational Health & Safety)
Designated Manager


RPh, M Pharm


Smoking Cessation

Diabetes Education

Flu Shots


Blister Packing


Emergency Refills

Home Health Care

Vitamins & Minerals

Natural Products

Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Health Promotion Seminars

Free Home Delivery